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Slate Top Hallway Table


This is the table that inspired my journey into working with old timbers. These oak beams would have probably been used as either ceiling or floor joist, owing to the amount of nails they had in them. Photographed here at New House Farm wedding venue in Lorton Cumbria, it really does show its versatility. Originally created to be an outside table it equally looks good inside and. Pull be used for reception drinks. Construction methods are traditional mortise and tenon joints throughout and a oak lattice frame to hold the slate tile top.

Size is approx.  Length     Width     Height

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All of my pieces are created from the ground up with care, love and attention to detail. I like to think of it as not work, but a passion! Akin to that of any artist or sculptor. Your purchase therefore becomes not only a business transaction, but a bond we share for our love of design, nature and our environment that translates to functionality.

Wabi Sabi, ”perfect imperfection”, a Japanese phrase that epitomises this entire collection. Please do take the time to consider this and it’s concept carefully before your purchase.

Timber generally is a live organic medium. In short it can be unpredictable. After a lifetime of avoiding splits, cracks and knots in my work, I now delight in their beauty and characteristics. Likewise please accept that this piece may change in various ways overtime. Ultimately however it is, by design, not built to be perfect. It is it’s imperfections that make it to both you the consumer, and me, it’s creator – Perfect!