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Bespoke Live-edge

Craftsman made pieces giving old timbers a new life

A collection of designs inspired by the use of old timbers that have weathered the storms of time and have created their own unique characteristics and features.

Or items I have sourced from natures pantry, such as woodland floors and hedgerows. Pieces that allow me to design and remould into furniture and fitments to last another lifetime.

“Raymond Paterson Designs” formally Raymond Paterson Joinery is now in its 22nd year of trading. With over 35 years of Joinery manufacturing experience. 

I’m really feeling a great sense of satisfaction using these old reclaimed timbers, rather than the cut to order timbers I have generally worked with. In an age where sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it feels nice to be able to pick things up from the ground and use the traditional joinery skills I was taught to bring them back to life; this is very rewarding.